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Hey Slater Squad 👋

For Slater Roundup 25, we have:

  • Slater Merch!
  • Slater Community Library
  • Slater Events To Come

Alright - let's go!

Community Library V1

We are getting very close to releasing a V1 of the Community Snippet Library. This will allow you to upload snippets and save them directly in to your Slater project.

We had a great conversation with some Slater users and will be releasing more info soon.

In the meantime, get your code snippets gathered in order for upload!

Slater Merch Is Here!

Slater merch dropped this week. If you come on a Slater Session from now on, you will receive this merch from now on 🙌

Slater Sessions

We're really stepping up Slater Sessions moving forward.

People don't know when events are and part of that is they are not planned early enough so we're making sure events are planned weeks in advance now.

Ailín Tobin - 2nd November

Corey Moen - 3rd November

Josiah Dueñes - 9th November

Case Studies

We're writing case studies to clearly communicate specific examples drawing heavily off what community members are sharing (like this one with Josiah Dueñes).

The key thing we want to show is "What can you do with custom code that you can't do/is a pain to do with native Webflow?"

This is coming soon to the website with a lot more content.

Tweet Of The Week

Good to have you!

That's all for this week folks!

See you soon,

Slater Team

113 Cherry St #92768, Seattle, WA 98104-2205
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