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Hey Slater Squad 👋

For Slater Roundup 19, we have:

  • Website Launch!
  • Slater Product Updates
  • JS Timing Function Office Hour
  • Ailín Tobim Spotlight Session
  • JP Dionisio Spotlight Session next week!

Slater Website Launch!

Hugely excited to release the Slater website.

We’re so early in our journey and we’re honoured that so many of the Webflow community want to be part of Slater's very early days.

Thanks for all the feedback so far and to every single one of you who has tweeted, slack messaged and shared Slater. You’re involvement is essential for us to make the product as good as it can be!

What’s next? To name just a few things:

  • Library feature
  • JS education
  • Bigger and better competitions

We’re just getting warmed up!

Pumped to move forward together 🙏

Snapshot, Switch Controls, Line Wrapping, Library

video preview


Biggest update is snapshot functionality. Now, you can save a page by creating a snapshot.

Once that snapshot is created, you can reference that code if you've gone further with coding. If you're running into an issue and you want to come back, and then you can just click this restore code button.

Now that code is restored!

It's really lightweight and easy to work with.

Switch controls

The other big thing is we have some controls over your AI.

So now you can use GPT Four if you turn the toggle on in the top right of the UI.

Show code only if you turn that off and I say write fetch request, it's going to tell me all about it.

You'll notice there's a bunch of explanation that the AI is giving me about this chunk of code.

If you are more advanced and are just kind of skipping over this and don't want that. You can now turn this on to show only code.

And now when I say write fetch request, it's just going to give me the code that it writes.

As a result, code comes back quicker and if you're not reading this anyway, then it gives you more real estate and everything's better that way.


Another big update is the library.

This library will let you create your own snippets and then it's available so then you can drag it in.

There's all sorts of code that you use all the time and so this allows you to have your own library.

We pulled back the functionality a little bit as far as sharing your library, but that's coming soon.

So we want to do a code snippet marketplace where you'll be able to find a solution that somebody else wrote and pull it into your project.

Code Wrapping

One of the things that came up as well was code wrapping.

So in the past, it just would keep going to the right, but now we have code wrapping.

And so you'll notice this gets pushed down a little bit.

Currently, code wrapping is for everybody. We will soon allow you to configure your editor.

JS Timing Problems Session

video preview

We learnt about hoisting, cascading style sheets and Webflow's API.

Oh, and Jared helped Matt J with Phil's Firewood website

Ailín Tobim Spotlight Session

video preview

Ailín taught us how he's using Slater to organise his custom code, why he uses attributes rather than class identifiers and some of his favourite features.

Also, see his Webflow multireference field work around here...

JP Dionisio Spotlight Session Next Week!

JP is a ninja. You have probably seen his award winning work in the Slater challenges that are just off the chain.

But how does he do it? How did he acquire this level of Webflow ninjaness? And what is he building in Slater to slay as hard as he is?

​We'll dig in to all this and more. See you then!

That's all for this week folks!

See you soon,

Slater Team

113 Cherry St #92768, Seattle, WA 98104-2205
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