Slater Advocates Program!


Hey Slater Squad πŸ‘‹
For Slater Roundup 24, we have:

  • Slater Advocates Program!
  • Slater Product Updates
  • Thomas CarrΓ© Session Recording

Alright - let's go!

Slater Advocates Program πŸš€

In just a short few weeks, the Slater community has grown to over 1,000 registered users, with hundreds using our platform daily.

This dedicated user base has been instrumental in providing valuable feedback and has subjected our platform to rigorous testing.

The unwavering support from this amazing community has led to hundreds of incremental improvements, further enhancing the Slater experience for everyone.

We want to reward those that are supporting us and the community.

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Slater Updates

video preview​

We walked through the following features in this week's livestream:

1) Transfers!

2) Add/remove collaborators from your team.

3) Public file urls are now fully public.

4) Cache busting support.

5) Improved error handling.

6) UI improvements.

7) Fixes and improvements to the Webflow Designer App

8) Improved the single script compilation

Thomas CarrΓ© Livestream

video preview​

We had a peach of a livestream this week!

@Snea_zyy shared 3 killer use cases for this award-nominated@webflow website and oh boy oh boy we hope he bags it... What are the use cases then?

​1) Drop down menu ​

​2) Image resizing on different breakpoints ​

​3) Random quotes on load​

That's all for this week folks!

See you soon,

Slater Team

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Welcome To Slater!

Slater resources, updates and community activity

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