How Corey Moen Built Webflow Conf Site

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Hey Slater Squad 👋

For Slater Roundup 26, we have:

  • Code Snippets loaded in to the Slater library
  • DOM X Slater with Ailín Tobin
  • Webflow Conf site X Slater with Corey Moen
  • Livestreams to come

Alright - let's go!

Community Library

We will launch the community library once the Slater UI is complete and showcase your snippet library.

Currently in crude stages gathering and tagging a large amount of snippets 😅

Super possibility to release this to the Webflow community!

Any snippets you want to be there on launch? Reply to this email.

Slater Podcast Episode!

"What is the point in Slater?" is a common question I hear.

If you're wondering why not just use ChatGPT for your custom code needs in your Webflow projects, give this a whirl.

Cheers to Matt Evans for asking the hard questions and Ailín for answering them.

Slater Sessions

Corey Moen

video preview

For Corey's spotlight, Corey Moen came on, Senior Brand designer at Webflow, creator of No Code Supply Co and the build system MAST.

Basically, if he's a bigger cheese than the winning prize at the international cheese competition.

He was part of the Webflow Conf website team and he used Slater to connect the dots between various tools to ensure the signups etc all went smooth as Barry Manilow.

Ailín Tobin

video preview

Oh you're not ready... The Irish Surfer, as he's known from the rugged west coast across the rolling pastures filled with sheep to the east of Dublin, Ailín Tobin is no stranger to custom code in Webflow.

But this bloke has taken it to a whole new level with Slater.

And then the DOM element comes out and let's just say he's in his own element here.

Ireland's 1st Webflow Partner, we're excited to jump on a stream and see what the man's up to.

Slater Sessions Next Week

Josiah Dueñes

Josiah Dueñes wakes up and smells the coffee because he's on that grind.

​The man has more beans than Mr Heinz.

​He sells them through an app with a funnel more fine than the best filter coffee you've ever had.

​But how does he create an addictive experience for his users?

​Well it turns out he uses a cheeky bit of custom code which we'll give you energy for your day.

Marina is Webflow developer that not only helps to manage the Edgar Allan site but also scythes through client projects like a hot knife through butter.

She, along with other developers at EA, were the guinea pigs to actually test the Slater product as it was being developed.

But how are Marina and the EA team using Slater now?

That's all for this week folks!

See you soon,

Slater Team

113 Cherry St #92768, Seattle, WA 98104-2205
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