GSAP, Barba JS, Swiper.JS tutorial with Slater

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Hey Slater Squad 👋

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For Slater Roundup 21, we have:

  • New website launched
  • GSAP, Barba JS, Swiper.JS tutorial from Yar
  • Game competition
  • Game deep dive with Witt & Jared
  • Coffee Website trigger with Josiah Dueñes

New Website (again...)

New website! As always with Slater, we're constantly iterating, building, growing and learning from mistakes.

Mason Poe, Edgar Allan's founder, wanted a brand identity that truly solidified Slater's presence in the AI marketplace that distanced itself from the rest of the overly tech brand identities.

We'll soon be doing a deep dive on this to explain more on this (+transition the rest of the brand visuals...) but check out the new website and brand identity!

GSAP, Swiper.JS, Barba JS with Yar!

We had a killer session with Yar Al Roshidi all about how he's using Slater and combining it with different libraries to make sweet animation madness.

Check out his Slater session here!

Game Deep Dive

If you're making a game, do not scroll past this one people!

Super helpful session to make sure you make the best game possible and give yourself the highest possible chance to be a winner winner chicken dinner.

AI Code For Coffee Website

Just in case you missed this one, Josiah Dueñes, one of a small group of champs in the Slater community making banging content, shares how he triggers a pricing modal.

6 days until competition deadline!

Want to read more about rules and such.

Good luck making the games!

That's all for this week folks!

See you soon,

Slater Team

113 Cherry St #92768, Seattle, WA 98104-2205
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